Scrambled Eggs - Marquette Basketball Two unqualified fans talking about Marquette basketball. This is a weekly podcast about all things related to Marquette basketball from the common fans’ perspective.

We are less than two weeks away from the start of the season, if you count an exhibition game as the start of the season(we all know the selection committee counts them).  Since we are so close, and neither of us will be around for the month of November, we decided it was time to review the schedule and predict every result.  Neither of us are particularly optimistic but we aren't paid to predict anything so our opinions probably don't count for much.  After we go through the schedule top to bottom, we transition to discussing the starting line-up and some of the distribution of minutes that will need to happen for MU to be successful.  Lastly, we turn to a podcast gimmick in which we create fake pre-season awards and then arbitrarily give them to me it's podcast gold Jerry!