Scrambled Eggs - Marquette Basketball Two unqualified fans talking about Marquette basketball. This is a weekly podcast about all things related to Marquette basketball from the common fans’ perspective.

It's the off season so it's a stress free catch up on the latest and greatest #mubb news. First, a brief interruption to highly the Jalen Johnson to Duke announcement, then we dive into the regular pod. We start by talking about the latest(at the time of recording) news that Brett Nelson is leaving MU to be the HC at Holy Cross. We discuss impact and the potential replacements. We then go deep on the non-conference schedule announcement and then pivot into the news the UConn is back. UConn in the Big East is great, convince us otherwise. We close out on some light recruiting news and an overview of MU alum in the NBA. Enjoy!

Breathe, there is absolutely nothing to talk about when it comes to #mubb, so we're going to take advantage of the opportunity to spend 90 minutes closing out the Sports Movie Bracket. We name a champion, but not without controversy and debate along the way. Let us know if you think we got it right or wrong (@joemccann3 @mooof23). Enjoy!

Well it's finally here, the first pod of the sports movie bracket but first we have some shade to throw at the #mubb social media team. The first 27 minutes of the pod we talk: Hauser transfer revisit, Zapruder MU videos, Wojo extension, and Jayce Johnson commit. Once that #mubb business is out of the way, we move to the heart of the early off season, the 76 team Sports Movie Bracket. We establish the ground rules and then dive in picking winners and losers in the play-in and opening round games. We have a good time recording, we hope you enjoy listening to it!

We are shocked to say the least. As reported all over the interwebs on Monday, April 15th, the Hauser brothers have announced their intention to transfer from Marquette. Instead of the general odds and ends plus the first rounds of the Sports Movie Bracket, we get together to talk about this program altering and unexpected news.

Well, the off season is officially upon us thanks to a spectacular display from Ja Morant and Murray State. So we have to ask ourselves, what the hell happened in that game, where did it all go so wrong? We also have to talk about Wojo, because there are definitely reasons for alarm that he may not be the guy to lead Marquette to anything of consequence. That discussions turns to what the team looks like next year and whether or not they will be better and better enough to do anything of consequence. As we shift into off-season mode we highlight the topics that will put up the pod signal to bring us out of our off season laziness: Markus go or stay, other roster turnover(transfers, reclassification, etc), and the coaching staff. We close out the pod with a highlight of a little project we have going on that we'll pod on in April and start rolling material out for soon: a 68 team Sports Movie bracket!! Enjoy!

We've got a lot of ground to cover this podcast so we have to hit the ground running. First we highlight the bracket reveals and where MU stands before we turn to dissecting the Big East Tournament. We talk about exercising the St John's demons and then turn to the $hitshow that was the Seton Hall game. We talk about officiating travashamockeries, finding a new hated rival in the Big East, and how MU recovers from the result. We then talk about Markus Howard's performance in the Big East Tournament and whether we think he is more injured then they are letting on or if he is tired. We then get to the topic on everyone's mind, is MU going to win an NCAA Tournament game (would be first in Wojo's tenure)? So we talk match ups with Murray State, and can MU stop Ja Morant. We also talk about what happens if MU advances and the MU bracket generally, with the idea that we're generally pretty satisfied with the draw and we just have to hope MU can play up to it's potential. We close out the pod with some general bracket analysis, become both Oregon and Wofford fans, look forward to a great tournament. Enjoy!

This is....not good. To keep from spiraling to far, we are going to approach this pod as a Stewie Griffin "complement sandwich". So first we talk about the All Big East Team awards for Markus, Sam, and Joey. Then we pivot to the giant, awful, no good month of March for Marquette. We talk about all the things that went wrong in the Georgetown game and ask ourselves "do we have any confidence left"? We talk about how the narrative of this season has completely changed and if there is an extension coming for Wojo they need to bury the announcement on a busy news day. It's then time to talk Big East tournament with it's seemingly inevitable rematch with St Johns, which we are not looking forward to. We try to talk ourselves into Marquette pulling itself together for post-season play but neither of us can really muster that conviction. We then close out the complement sandwich with a congratulations to Bradley, coached by MU great Brian Wardle, as they secure an NCAA tournament big. Enjoy?

To borrow from Monty Python "And now for something completely different".....Back to back losses for Marquette in which the team seemingly pre-gamed both times with Crisco has left us flummoxed. We first talk about the way MU lost and why a seemingly clutch team is now not. We then talk about what can be done to correct it and what happens if it is not. We then close out with some analysis of how the end of the regular season might go. Enjoy?

It's a bit jarring if you think about it, but from the jump we're talking about hanging banners. The background, Nova lost again over the weekend giving MU the chance to win a share of the Big East title on Wednesday night against Villanova. So we spend a while talking about what that feels like and what happens if MU can go into a dangerous environment and beat the current kings of the Big East. We then talk about the game itself and whether we are finally starting to feel confident enough that a road win against Villanova is now more likely than not. We then talk about the Creighton game and whether it is a trap game or just another game we should all be vigilant but relaxed about. We also spend some time talking about what kind of monster wants a Big East Tournament title versus a regular season title. All in all, we are pretty stoked for the closing days of the regular season and the possibility that next week we are talking about your Big East champions, Marquette. Enjoy!

It was an oddly anti-climatic week with no real anxiety to be found, but we'll take it. We start the discussion out with the fact that thanks to St John's off all people, Marquette controls it's own destiny in the race to the regular season title against Villanova. We talk through the scenario's and how we think MU will do down the stretch. We then talk the success of Operation Don't Lose to DePaul and how it was kind of a cakewalk which is....unusual. Next we check in on the Markus tracker to predict if he will become Marquette's all-time leading scorer this season. We then turn to the week ahead and forecast how MU will do following the buy week with two must win games if they want to keep the championship dreams alive. We close out the pod by revisiting the Henry Ellenson decision now that he has been cut by Detroit and his NBA career to be on life support. Enjoy!

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