Scrambled Eggs - Marquette Basketball Two unqualified fans talking about Marquette basketball. This is a weekly podcast about all things related to Marquette basketball from the common fans’ perspective.

It's been a while since we podded so we come back to check in on the off season.  First we talk about the new commit of 2015 (that we knew of at the time, more on that later), Andrew Rowsey.  Next we discuss the status of the Bucks stadium deal, which has a significant impact on Marquette in future seasons.  We then transition to some rule discussion, I know, hot stuff.  We then talk Marquette and the NBA to close out the pod.  I told you the off season.

Editors note:  This pod was recorded 2 hours before Sam Hauser committed to Marquette.  All jokes and references to Marquette getting a commit within 24 hours of the podcast being posted were recorded prior to his commitment.....just thought you should know what geniuses you are dealing with.