Scrambled Eggs - Marquette Basketball Two unqualified fans talking about Marquette basketball. This is a weekly podcast about all things related to Marquette basketball from the common fans’ perspective.

Well #mubb fans, it was good, but it could have been amazing. We're going to work from bad to great so we'll start with the Wisconsin game result. We talk about the OT loss to Wisconsin, how much it hurts, and what it didn't go the way we all hoped. We also talk about some of the individual plays and players and how we may extrapolate for the rest of the season. We then revisit the amazing win against Baylor and how that happened. With the week that was covered, we turn to the week to come which includes a maturity tester of a buy game and a catholic Sunday fight against Notre Dame. We also spend a little time talking about how we see the balance of the season going. It's a wide ranging 2 drink minimum podcast so spend some time with us and enjoy!

November 28, 2022  

#mubb fans, it is that most wonderful time of year again, BADGER HATE WEEK. Before we get to that, we have to talk about a few things. First, we want to talk about the week that was where MU went 2-1. We talk about the loss at Mississippi State and what we've learned about this team and the Big East so far. We then preview the Baylor game (and implore you to attend) and talk about what MU's path to an upset victory looks like. Finally, we turn to the red menace, and talk about how this year, even more than most years is a shocking contract in styles.

We're back for another week of #mubb discussion including the first challenging game of the season. We spend the beginning of the pod highlighting the success of both the Women's basketball program and Volleyball program. We then turn to focus on the results of the Purdue game, what we liked and what leaves us with concerns. Finally we pivot to upcoming FeastWeek (3 games!) and talk about what the week looks like for MU. Happy Thanksgiving and Enjoy!

The #mubb season is underway and we have some things to say about it. We review the two games this week as well as discuss that surprised us in both good and bad ways. We also spend some time reviewing the Purdue game, what to expect, and what we hope happens then close out with the briefest preview of LIU possible. As always, enjoy!

Once more lord #mubb rises from its slumber and brings joy and pain to the MU faithful (hopefully more joy than pain). The season starts Monday so we're back to make all sorts of predictions on how the season will go. We look back on season predictions of years past so you know how much to ignore us this season. Then we go game by game calling our shots, #DLTD is back in full effect. We close the podcast out with some player and lineup predictions. All in all, we are pumped for the start of Season 2 of Shaka's World. Enjoy!

We are back and ready to talk MUBB because it has been the quietest summer either of us can remember for Marquette basketball. We want to talk roster changes and how we hope to see those changes work out. We then talk media narrative around Marquette and why we are baffled at it being so uniformly low as we look around the Big East. Then, we talk clothing, and not just any clothing but sweet 19Nine Marquette gear. We then close out the pod with some talking about a Marquette event with Bill Scholl, Shaka Smart, and Megan Duffy. In case you forgot over the summer, enjoy!

It's been a bit but #ScrambledEggs is not only back, but back live. We recorded this podcast in person from an undisclosed murder basement and it could not have gone better. We talk off season roster changes, what next season looks like, and the TBT among other things. As always, enjoy!

We're back for the final "in-season" podcast for #mubb to review the NCAAT results (real bad) and the season over all(good to really good). We first discuss the blow out at the hands of North Carolina and why is it that Marquette is the launching platform for other teams to make Elite Eight or better tournament runs. We then talk about the roster construction and what we know, what we speculate, and what we hope for the roster next season. We also evaluate the 2022 campaign overall and how we feel about Shaka Year 1. We close out with some general thoughts on the state of college basketball. Enjoy!

Selection Sunday has come and gone with us reacting to where #mubb is seeded. We talk about Marquette's seeding and breakdown the first game against UNC. We talk about the game with eyes wide open, as it will not be an easy game. We then talk about the bracket overall as well as what odds the Big East has in making a run as a conference. Lastly, Joe shares lots of insights into Fort Worth if anyone is making the treck for the game on Thursday. As always, enjoy!

The regular season for #mubb has come to close and we are getting ready for the post season. Welcome into the THIS IS MARCH podcast. We first look back at the last week of the regular season and decide if there are take aways. We then look at the Big East bracket and discuss scenarios and make suggestions. Then it's NCAA tournament discussion time where we talk about seeding expectations, match up preferences, and location quandaries. The real season is upon us, everyone prepare and above all else, enjoy!

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