Scrambled Eggs - Marquette Basketball Two unqualified fans talking about Marquette basketball. This is a weekly podcast about all things related to Marquette basketball from the common fans’ perspective.

Things have taken a decided turn once again for your favorite college basketball heros. #mubb finds itself in the midst of a 3 game losing screen with last seasons late collapse of a 6 game losing streak hovering over it. So we have to talk about the disappointing results this week and break down what went wrong. We then discuss the sobering realization that this season may be Wojo's best shot at an NCAA win in his first seven seasons.We then discuss whether this is actually a collapse we're going through or just a tough stretch of games. Lastly we talk about the two games this week and just how desperate we've become to just beat Georgetown. Enjoy!

It feels like forever since #mubb played but we're here to talk about it and look ahead to a critical week. First, we talk about the results of the Villanova game and why while it wasn't good, it wasn't devastating either. That leads to a discussion of where the Big East stands and how MU might fit in the evolving puzzle of who's on top in the conference. We then talk about Markus Howard, #UsageGod and the #PORPAGATU stat. That ends up in a rather length Howard vs Powell discussion where we try to walk some people back from the Powell is terrible ledge. Lastly, we talk about games this week with two very critical games against Creighton and at Providence, both of whom have already beaten MU. For a light week, we have a lot to talk about. Enjoy!

The game against Butler was for National Marquette Day and boy did the team deliver. We deep dive on one of, if not the most, complete games of this season with the impressive win over nationally ranked Butler. Marquette has now won 6 of their last 7 and is starting to look like a team that can do some damage in March. We also talk about the Markus Howard campaign for NPOY and the "quiet" performance he had against Butler. We then talk about the only game coming up this next week, a road clash with a somewhat reeling Villanova team. As always, enjoy!

Hey, look at that #mubb has won two in a row and 5 out of the last the Big East no less, that's good! We first dive into the kooky Xavier game and break down what happened including the Markus injury. Then one of us goes off on a tirade before we discuss the always weird DePaul game. We then talk Big East outlook and the upcoming rematch with Butler on National Marquette Day. Finally we talk about the drama in Madison and the possibility of turning a red peg blue. Enjoy!

It's been a really weird 72 hours in #mubb and generally for basketball but we got to get into it. We start off with a discussion of Kobe Bryant's passing and its impact on basketball. We then turn to the extremely strange ending to the Butler game and the fact that Wojo had the most head scratching 8 minutes of coaching since....the Providence game. We also discuss the 2nd half performance of Markus Howard after #chairgate. Both of these things lead us to ask: does Wojo panic at the end of games and is Markus "clutch"? This discussion involves real life data, I know crazy. We then turn to the week ahead to forecast MU's chance to get a road Big East victory and the unexpected return of #JustDon'tLoseToDePaul. Enjoy!

#mubb had a good week and we need to acknowledge that. Now that the conference season is 33.3% complete, we discuss any surprises or revelations we see in the Big East and how it might impact Marquette. We then talk the week that was with a specific focus on the continued otherworldiness of Markus Howard. Bottom line appreciate him while you still can. We then talk games this week, like why we shouldn't be scared of St John's this time around and if Butler is a wounded and therefore even more dangerous animal. Enjoy!

So how was everyone's week? Good? Oh wait, it was bad because your favorite college basketball lost two games that they should have won at least one of? Samesies. So we talk the week that was, why Marquette looks bad all of a sudden, and what can change. That leads to a discussion of reality that this team is apparently just an average team and Wojo may be an average coach, which is a thing. After we work through acceptance of where everything is we talk about the week ahead and can #mubb turn it around Xavier and Georgetown. We close out with predictions and a {checks notes} new #mubb catch phrase? Enjoy!

Just your typical week for a Marquette fan, get boat raced against Creighton and then turn around and largely dominate a top 10 team in Villanova. We talk take-aways from the Creighton game, including the revelation that Theo John needs surgery after the season. We then talk about the Villanova game and what we get out of that game that we think carry forward. We then talk the games coming up with week, how much we hate Seton Hall, and make some predictions. We close out the pod with a somewhat tongue in cheek analysis of why Wojo doesn't have a personality. Enjoy!

Non-conference is done, all hail the coming of a new year and conference season. We first close out the non-con part of the show by talking Symir and Koby(only interesting thing from Central Arkansas game). We then overview the conference season by discussing which teams in the Big East we more worried about, less worried about, and the....same?....worried about from our preview at the start of the season. We then preview the Creighton and Villanova games and make predictions, where one of us is very optimistic. Happy New Year and Enjoy!

Full disclosure, we stole the episode title from Andy Benjamin on twitter but it was way too good not to use. This holiday episode of Scrambled Eggs we revisit the past week of games and discuss what the outcome tells us about the upcoming Big East season. We also talk about the Howard brothers all-time record set against North Dakota State. We then talk about the Central Arkansas game and any takeways we can get from that game. Lastly, we have a conversation about Marquette and Markus Howard's place in the sports media landscape. We hope to pod again in a week but either way we wish all our listeners Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas. Enjoy!

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