Scrambled Eggs - Marquette Basketball Two unqualified fans talking about Marquette basketball. This is a weekly podcast about all things related to Marquette basketball from the common fans’ perspective.

It's been a bit but #ScrambledEggs is not only back, but back live. We recorded this podcast in person from an undisclosed murder basement and it could not have gone better. We talk off season roster changes, what next season looks like, and the TBT among other things. As always, enjoy!

We're back for the final "in-season" podcast for #mubb to review the NCAAT results (real bad) and the season over all(good to really good). We first discuss the blow out at the hands of North Carolina and why is it that Marquette is the launching platform for other teams to make Elite Eight or better tournament runs. We then talk about the roster construction and what we know, what we speculate, and what we hope for the roster next season. We also evaluate the 2022 campaign overall and how we feel about Shaka Year 1. We close out with some general thoughts on the state of college basketball. Enjoy!

Selection Sunday has come and gone with us reacting to where #mubb is seeded. We talk about Marquette's seeding and breakdown the first game against UNC. We talk about the game with eyes wide open, as it will not be an easy game. We then talk about the bracket overall as well as what odds the Big East has in making a run as a conference. Lastly, Joe shares lots of insights into Fort Worth if anyone is making the treck for the game on Thursday. As always, enjoy!

The regular season for #mubb has come to close and we are getting ready for the post season. Welcome into the THIS IS MARCH podcast. We first look back at the last week of the regular season and decide if there are take aways. We then look at the Big East bracket and discuss scenarios and make suggestions. Then it's NCAA tournament discussion time where we talk about seeding expectations, match up preferences, and location quandaries. The real season is upon us, everyone prepare and above all else, enjoy!

Welcome back #mubb, we hope you enjoyed National Marquette Day! We are back to talk about the game against Butler and any conclusions that we can draw from such a game. We then turn to the week ahead which features a frisky DePaul team and a St Johns match up that will be frenetic at worst. We close out the pod looking ahead to BET and Selection Sunday. Enjoy!

Marquette went 1-1 this past week but it doesn't feel quite that good. So we're here to talk about the #mubb week that was and the mixed bag of results against Georgetown and Creighton. We then pivot to your questions and answer most of them seriously. We close out the pod with National Marquette Day game predictions. Enjoy!

Well, the joys of college basketball generally and #mubb specifically is they zig when we zag. The team had a rough week losing one game that was somewhat expected and another that was definitely unexpected. So we talk about the week in total and especially everyone taking their foot off the gas against Butler. We also spend time talking about the defense and what is driving the lagging performance of late. We then look ahead to the week to come and predict whether it will bring success or more pain. As always, enjoy!

Only one game this week, must not be much #mubb to talk about, right? Wrong! Any time you sweep Villanova it is cause for conversation. Then, while we never tire of heaping them on this team, we are running out of superlative's to say about this squad so we decide to look ahead to the tournament and what fate has in store for our intrepid warriors. This leads to a floor/ceiling conversation as we try to be reasonable while also being absolutely giddy. We close out with our concerns for the week ahead and #mubbTMM. Enjoy!

We're back to talk about #mubb and for the first time in a while we have to talk about a loss. We talk about the victory over Seton Hall and break down the loss to Providence. Does this loss introduce any doubts for us or leave us concerned about the direction of this season? Definitely not, but we've got to talk about it. Then we turn to the rematch against Nova, and spend some time with it as it's the only game for MU on the schedule this week. Enjoy!

January 24, 2022  

This has been one heckuva week for sports in general and for #mubb specifically. We had some drinks while recording, but we did not deliver on the 17 drink pod we promised if #mubb went 2-0, we aren't monsters. So we breakdown the games against Villanova and Xavier, looking to identify just what has this team found in themselves that has led to this thrilling winning streak. We also talk about what this all means for NCAA tournament hopes and whether Team Bubble Watch #TBW is even a thing this year. We close out the pod forecasting the week ahead and try not to get too optimistic....but that might not even be possible anymore. Enjoy!

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