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You watched the Villanova game and so did we.  That game was simultaneously less frustrating and more frustrating than it seemed (probably won't make more sense on the pod, but give it a go).  We breakdown the game, what went wrong, what went right, and does the result change any of our opinions.  We also dive into the long lingering brush fire on twitter/message board/interwebs/bar time that is John Dawson vs Derrick Wilson.  That discussion expands to the freshman minutes in general and Anonymous Eagle's call for more time for Dawson/Burton/JJJ.  Once we add fuel to those fires, we move on to preview Providence and St Johns, and one of us is a total negative Nancy.  The team may be down but the podcast is on the top of it's game, we even made it through without a single Seinfeld reference(we think).  Give it a listen and lets all hope for less bad days.


Holy week of basketball, MU!  Raise your hand if you saw that result coming for Marquette against Miami.  Yeah I didn't think so, and neither did the national media (No I'm not bitter).  With another big Marquette win the podcast symbol went up so we got together to talk being Elite.

We talk the Miami game, and why it was Buzz's best coaching effort to date.  We also address the national media's obsession with Marquette as a "all grit, no talent" narrative.  Also, if you are disappointed that Indiana lost and MU doesn't get to face the tanned one, we are too, especially Phil.  Lastly, we preview the Syracuse rematch, make wild speculation of adjustments Buzz might make, and how we think the game will play out.  Enjoy!


Now we know the opponent and the time, the 2 seeded Miami Hurricanes Thursday at 6:15PM CST.  So we breakdown the match-ups, how Marquette will work offensively and how they might contain Miami's offense, especially Shane Larkin.

We even go on record as to who we think will win and dispense a little advice for new fans who aren't familiar with national sportswriters trolling for page views.



Was it tough? Sure. Did they get a little lucky? Maybe. Is it sweet? No doubt about it.

Marquette is still dancing. The Golden Eagles are in the Sweet 16 for the third consecutive season. This is the first time Marquette has reached three straight Sweet 16's since the tournament field expanded to 64 teams in 1985. The only other time Marquette has been to three straight was from 1971-74, when Al McGuire led the team to four straight. Back then, of course, the "Sweet 16" meant you had just won one game. In other words, this is the first time in Marquette history the team has gone three straight years winning at least two NCAA tournament games.
After a miracle minute saved Marquette from disaster against Davidson, the Golden Eagles went toe-to-toe with Butler, a future Big East opponent and one of the toughest outs in the NCAA's every year. A solid defensive effort and a memorable week from Vander Blue now have Marquette in the East Regional semifinals.

Phil and Joe break down an insane 72 hours for Marquette before looking ahead to the next game.


Upset about an upset? Don't be... at least not yet. In the latest edition of Scrambled Eggs, Joe and Phil break down the match-up with Davidson and discuss their cautious optimism with this Marquette team. Buzz Williams said before the season that the Sweet 16 isn't good enough anymore. Can this squad continue to raise the bar for Marquette hoops? The Golden Eagles haven't been to three consecutive Sweet 16's since the tournament expanded to 64 teams.

Some folks think Marquette is a trendy pick as an upset victim, and we get that. We've all seen Marquette at its worst. We've also seen Marquette at it's best, and hopefully the Marquette team that shows up in Lexington more closely resembles the latter. Look at the Golden Eagles' recent history under Buzz Williams, and a flat first-round performance would be quite a surprise.

Phil and Joe also give their picks for the Final Four as well as their picks to win it all.

We have a quick pod around the negative results in NYC and the Big East tournament, how much we blame the officials, and how this impacts Marquette's seeding.


Well, we didn't see it coming, but MU wins a share of the regular season conference championship so we gotta talk about it.  Also talking Big East Tourney, NCAA Tourney and where MU might end up.  Give it a listen, see what happens, you might like it.


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