Scrambled Eggs - Marquette Basketball Two unqualified fans talking about Marquette basketball. This is a weekly podcast about all things related to Marquette basketball from the common fans’ perspective.

Well to say the Luke Fischer era at Marquette got off to a fast start would be the least earth shattering news of this week.  We jump right into the Luke story line and discuss our first impressions, what we liked, and what this might mean for this Marquette team.  Be warned, we are pretty enthusiastic for Luke's future.  We talk about the ASU game overall and then transition into a brief conversation on last weeks less than awesome transfer news.  With the transfers, that leaves 3 open scholarships.  As anonymous internet podcasters, we had to tell Wojo what he should do with those scholarships.  Lastly we talk a little bit of future for this team.  Unless something catastrophic happens, this will be the last pod until right before BE opening.  Merry Christmas to all the Marquette fans and enjoy your presents, especially Luke Fischer.