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Holy week of basketball, MU!  Raise your hand if you saw that result coming for Marquette against Miami.  Yeah I didn't think so, and neither did the national media (No I'm not bitter).  With another big Marquette win the podcast symbol went up so we got together to talk being Elite.

We talk the Miami game, and why it was Buzz's best coaching effort to date.  We also address the national media's obsession with Marquette as a "all grit, no talent" narrative.  Also, if you are disappointed that Indiana lost and MU doesn't get to face the tanned one, we are too, especially Phil.  Lastly, we preview the Syracuse rematch, make wild speculation of adjustments Buzz might make, and how we think the game will play out.  Enjoy!


Now we know the opponent and the time, the 2 seeded Miami Hurricanes Thursday at 6:15PM CST.  So we breakdown the match-ups, how Marquette will work offensively and how they might contain Miami's offense, especially Shane Larkin.

We even go on record as to who we think will win and dispense a little advice for new fans who aren't familiar with national sportswriters trolling for page views.



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